Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Make an Unbeatable Pokemon

If you want to have an unbeatable pokemon, this steps can help you get what you want to achieve. You must consider catching these pokemon below in order to build a great team.

On Suicune

Pokemon Suicune

To make Suicune unbeatable pokemon, there are moves that require for Suicune to learn. These are:

* Mirror Coat - Suicune will learn this move when it reach level 71
* Blizzard or Ice Beam - Teach TM 14(Blizzard) or TM 13(Ice Beam) on Suicune.
* Rest - Teach TM 44(Rest) on Suicune.
* Surf - Teach HM 3 on Suicune.

The use of these moves are very important and will make Suicune really strong.

* Mirror Coat - Use this on foe(s) that will use leaf, electric, or any other special attacks that can make a great damage on Suicune.

* Blizzard or Ice Beam - Use this move on flying, ground, leaf, and dragon type pokemon(s).

* Rest - When Suicune's Life is in great danger, use this move to make it fully recover and all status problem like burn, paralyze, poisoned will disappear.

* Surf - Use this on ground, fire, and rock type pokemon(s).

Give also the item Leftovers or any continuous life recovering item on Suicune to increase its vitality against its foe(s).

On Blissey  
Pokemon Blissey

Blissey is one of the most easiest to beat when it comes to physical attacks but a very hard to beat when it comes on damaging it with special attacks. But there is a way to make Blissey strong even when it is damage by physical attacks. Here are some things that you must do to make Blissey very strong:

* Blissey should be Lvl 5(you can get this level of blissey by putting the Chansey or Blissey you have with ditto in the daycare and wait for a while until the old man come out and give you an egg. Hatch it and you will get Blissey Lvl 5).
* Give Blissey all the status up(carbos, hp up, calcium, etc.) until it doesnt take status up anymore.
* Blissey must have these moves for battles:
  - Softboiled
  - Toxic
  - Counter
  - Thunderbolt
* Make Blissey Hold any items that will recover its hp a little continuously like Leftovers, etc.
* Raise Blissey until it reach its Lvl to 100. The moves specified above have uses in battle
  - Softboiled - Use this move when Blissey's life gauge is low.
  - Toxic - Use this move on foe(s) to increase life damage on foe(s).
  - Counter - Use this when a foe with high attack status damaged Blissey with attack based moves.
  - Thunderbolt - Use this move on flying, and water foe(s).

On Lugia
Pokemon Lugia

* To get a high status Lugia, you should have a master ball to be easy catching Lugia. Capture it with master ball but don't save the game.

* Look at Lugia's status and see if it's status satisfies you. If not reset the game and catch Lugia again.

* After you catch Lugia, give it all status ups until it doesn't take anymore.

* Raise it up to Lvl 100 (sometimes, Lugia's special defense status reaches 400 when it was raised well).

* You can teach any move(s) you like Lugia to learn it doesn't matter.

These are the things that a pokemon trainer should remember when raising pokemon. You can apply these steps to other pokemon you want in building a perfect pokemon team for you.

if you want to know how to raise your pokemon properly you may try reading some tips on how to raise pokemons properly

Thats all for now, happy pokemon raising.

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