Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What pokemon to raise and how to raise it properly

The right pokemon that you should apply this steps can be evolved by the use of sun, fire, water, thunder, moon, or lead stone.

In raising these pokemons properly with a high status, you got to have these things to reach that:

  * 99pcs rare candies
  * 10pcs of status ups each.

Now that you have these requirements you should follow these steps:

1. Give all rare candies to the pokemon you desired to raise.

2. After giving those rare candies to the pokemon as it learns very strong moves, do not teach any strong move to the pokemon you are raising. Only moves with a high pp that can damage pokemons are needed to teach your pokemon.

3. Battle all wild Lvl 5(or less) pokemon. Consume the pp of all moves that your pokemon have on those wild pokemon that you will encounter.

4. After you consume the pp of moves your pokemon has, give it 1 status up(any status ups you like to give to your pokemon like calcium, hp up, etc.).

5. Go to pokemon center and heal your pokemon.

6. Repeat all the steps from 1-5 until your pokemon don't want to take status ups anymore.

These are the things needed in order to have pokemon with a high status.

That's all, happy raising pokemon breeders.

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